Presidents shake Hands whit Team Manger


The Game of the World in Cuba with President Obama to See

7E0A9548President Obama and President Castro enjoy baseball game of American and Cuban players as they do what they do best lead the game early and take for the win as President Obama enjoy the atmosphere with Miss Obama Sasha Malia and Miss Robinson.  We have enjoy a wonderful day with the sun shining nice breeze no ballparks or popcorn but the Cuban treats still don’t understand what we ate some kind of sweet and little cans of sunflower seeds.  As much as they were mini cheer for the Cuban hits and the Cuban runs American team plays is what America’s does baseball best.  The Cuban People has shown great hospitality and the welcome of the new Cuba with American relationships anticipating great response many homeowners are renovating getting out and redesigning homes to accommodate well need and expected American tourism.

Wow Wow Wow why have we been led to believe that Cuba was a bad place to visit when tourists from all over the world land here on a daily basis to enjoy the atmosphere of a good people and great hospitality there’s something wrong when we teach our children to be nice to each other and that we are all different but we don’t learn it ourselves as a growing people.  Thank you to President Barack Obama and his leadership team that has open us up to an amazing wonderful atmosphere to just get away from the crazy rat race and political chaos of America even if it’s just a getaway for a moment.