Great morning wonderful day great morning wonderful Week at the House of Prayer with Elder Kenneth L. Stewart Great Message JUST ASK GOD.

THE HOUSE OF PRAYER WITH PASTOR STEWARD! A God filled wonderful welcome for all as you inter the CHURCH.  As the nation shines it eyes on Flint the House Of Prayer and Elder Kenneth L. Stewart the hostess to Secretary Hillary Clinton as the world was looking in we received a great welcome into the eyes and the hearts of the people Flint that was on display from HOUSE OF PRAYER but sunday morning was no disappointment to the Welcome that continued from PASTOR STEWART AND THE HOUSE OF PRAYER.

With A wonderful host team of men that welcome us in the church full of LOVE that just fill the room as if they have a mandate from GOD Himself to show LOVE.  GOD would be proud as House Of Prayer Leads the way of GOD with a Man of GOD who continues to Preach the Real Gospel.

Elder Stewart accepted his call to ministry in September 1985. Pastor Stewart is the former Pastor of the Lampkin Chapel Baptist Church of Pine Bluff, Arkansas where he served faithfully for eleven years. Prior to his acceptance as pastor of Lampkin Chapel he was pursued by five additional churches. He preceded the late Rev. Charlie Thrower and assumed the position as Pastor of The House of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church, July 5, 1997. He was officially installed as the new Pastor on December 7, 1997.
Elder Stewart graduated from Watson Chapel High School in 1975. After which, he attended the University of Arkansas in Pine Bluff, 1976-1979. He has also studied courses in Theology at the Arkansas Baptist Extension. In addition to his pastoral duties he is employed at the Lawrence E. Moon Funeral Home.
Elder Stewart married Irma Jean Taggart July 24, 1987 . He is a devoted husband and the father of four children, Derric, Kennesha, Brandon and Micah. He is also a wonderful stepfather to Latonya and Pete.
Elder Kenneth L. Stewart is a born again, Holy Ghost filled preacher, teacher and believer in the bible. Being a great leader, he is a talented organist, pianist, vocalist and evangelist and continues to “ Raise A Standard” at the House of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church.