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Women Of The Black Caucus Honored By the Trumpet Awards

Women Of The Black Caucus Honored By the Trumpet Awards

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 THE 2016 Trumpet Awards  sound off  with a rounding Up of the Community Greatness from our Leadership’s and Greatest with a Community Award showcases of America’s community leaders, religious leaders, civil leaders, government leaders, musical legends and companies all in one weekend.  Get Ready for a ni

ght of Greatness as Nia Long, Monique and many other legendary Co-host lead the way to say thank you to our own with a proud showing of how we can love each other.   As NeYo received his award he sent a strong message To all of the wanna be blacks that has made it on the backs of their blackness to understand if you don’t have it and don’t recognize it which mean you don’t understand it or how you got what you have just SHUT  UP!.  To stacey dash and any other’s that are confuse with the blackness in them or for them We have a right to have our culture to celebrate who we are what we’ve done and how we love what we do.  We have come to far to let any one hold us back from celebrating or remembering together and giving thanks and appreciation to the work accomplish by a wonderful talent in our community.  With great leaders being  honored like Dr Jim Holley of Detroit and Pastor of the Historical Little Rock Baptist Church and the Holley Enterprises for His many community endeavors including but not limited to creating jobs building community and reaching Beyond the church walls with his Enterprises he has successful created through business ventures across the country and throughout the years.  Dr. Holley continuosly feeding the homeless  clothing the naked  educating our community  and equipping  the Saints and community.

  Also honored for his great leadership and community input  Dr Ivory of Detroit and PRESIDENT of Wayne County Community College who has continue to lift up higher education to a good degrees that makes it reachable on all levels, a community leader well deserving of the trumpet award for community service  and improving our community Dr Ivory has continued to educate a total environment with the educational tools that has lead many with skills to continue being educated and skills to be employed with careers they  perfected as a result of their education from Wayne County Community College many campuses.

 Thanks to Mrs. Clayton And her staff for celebrating the woman of culture from the Congressional  Black Caucus Congresswomen as the Night was toped off  with the champion of the Congressional Black Caucus chairman congressman Butterfield  giving recognition to a star-studded first class list of magnificent wonderful educated beautiful A list of congressional congresswoman  representing  east cost, west cost,  north and south  and even the Virgin Islands I don’t know if Atlanta was ready for this star-studded group of powerful influential Women that  arrive first class for the red carpet   appearance that even NeYo had to stop and get this photo set up by Hunter Photos.  Not to be overlooked or overshadowed by the great work and the initiatives they fight for each day in the Congress to make sure that the people of America are well represented.  They fight each week and sacrifice for us against a independent hateful of some that try to lead Congress With a hateful  selfish Racist overtone.