January, 2016


Sound The Trumpet Leadership Greatness Experience

 THE 2016 Trumpet Awards  sound off  with a rounding Up of the Community Greatness from our Leadership’s and Greatest with a Community Award showcases of America’s community leaders, religious leaders, civil leaders, government leaders, musical legends and companies all in one weekend.  Get Ready for a ni ght of Greatness as Nia Long, Monique and many other legendary Co-host lead the way to say thank you to our own with a proud showing of how we can love each other.   As NeYo received his award he sent a strong message To allRead More

Detroit Auto Show Ready Set CAR

Ready Set Drive Detroit Auto Show 2016 ready for buyers, lookers and those designed to appreciate the graphic designs the artistic touch the lovely feel the new smell yes the Detroit Auto Show 2016 looks to be one of the greatest shows Detroit may have seen in years. Suppliers, dealers subsidiary companies, seat belts, leather seats, exhaust companies, steel companies, window companies, tire companies, Rubber Company, China, Asia, Thailand and Africa Yes all that to be in Detroit for one of the greatest shows the automotive industry is able toRead More

Detroit Auto Show Main Event Lead off Detroit Auto Show 2016

The main event that set the tone for engineering for automotive future design.  With a night of reward scholarships and fun for engineering.  Where intellect, fun, daring, challenging, educational and a winning source intriguing to the  mind and spirit just some of the energy filling the room .  The Main Event was a night to remember with students from around the country and world receiving scholarships and recognition for their designs and innovative support to the automotive world.  If you you are a designer a dreamer in any part ofRead More

Pastor Grant of Zion Hope Baptist Church Honors Great Leaders of the Church

Zion Hope Honors great leaders of the Christian community as Pastor Grant  continues to lead the Eastside Church with great vision  and leadership. He is charge with great success to lead in a community that is plagued with many challenges but to his great Testament here tonight he continues to lead the community by showing love to those who unselfishly has given Great leadership.  With a appreciation for the great leaders that help make Zion Hope the strong will Church that it has become under Pastor Grant Leadership which showsRead More

Pastor & President C Williams and National Action Network lead the way for respect for all lives to matter

 Detroit Pastor C Williams President of the Detroit Nation Action Network Lead the way for the Community to Shut Down Michigan ave With over 500 demonstrators leading the way Reverend Williams president of the Michigan National Action Network Lead the way that there will be no misunderstanding about standing strong for citizens not being shot and given less respect than the common dog.  Minister Malik with the Marcus Garvey movement also stands strong in a sign of unity for the total community as they shut down Michigan ave a Main Street going throughRead More