November, 2015


Rosa Parks The First Black Statue In The US Capitol, A Need To See For All if Black Lives Matter

          HERE ARE SOME OF THE MOMENTS YOU MISSED IN DC THAT MADE HISTORY We are all ways trying to say what is not in our community or in the school system, well what did you do this summer to help the mindset of the minds in your community.  The Chance to educate and inform a community is in your hands of you.  You could began at the US Capitol in DC and where all the Smithsonian Museums are free to ride your mind and a great rollerRead More

CHICAGO a death trap for black men by the men and women in blue

IS IT SAFE FOR A BLACK MAN IN CHICAGO WHAT IS ON THE VIDEOS THAT WE HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO HEAR? ? Newly released videos from four additional police vehicles at the scene of the 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald raise questions about how the city’s Police Department documented the killing of an African-American teenager that has led to a Chicago cop being charged with first-degree murder. The police dashboard camera videos also shed new light on how the events unfolded leading up to McDonald’s death by showing police responseRead More


    Unbreakable Janet Jackson’s Chicago Performance “Awesome” Audience members raved about Janet Jackson’s Chicago Theater performance downtown Tuesday evening November 3, 2015, continually summing it up in one word: “Awesome!” Billed as the “Unbreakable World Tour,” the action packed, high energy choreography proved that Ms. Jackson is indeed unbreakable, as she slid effortlessly into each song and accompanying dance routines with her band, and back up dancers. At 49 years of age, she remains rhythmically agile, never missing a beat and barely pausing to catch her breath. “Very impressive,”Read More