The National Urban League With USAFunds find a partnership that gets it and Leads the way for the National Higher Education Summit

 President Obama Has set the tone for a Higher Education and making the cost reachble for all who want to go to shcool. The National Urban League partnership with USA Funds leads the way with a Higher Education Summit at the Gallup Building in D.C. where leader met.

The Summit has been full of great information for School and Students to build on to what is needed to keep cost down and Education Open to all.  USA Funds is a non-profit cooperation that supports completion with a purpose, building a more purposeful path for American’s students to and through college and on to rewarding careers and successful lies.  With a full week on planning and developing the mind and the communities that affect education President Marc Morial of Urban League and Stephanie Page of USA Funds makes for a Great team as they completed a wonderful successful summit bringing together Governors, Mayors, City Leaders, Educators, Foundations, School Funders, Schools, Colleges and Community.  Funders made it very clear that with President Obama’s reforms on Eucation it has help them to fun student to complete their education.

Mr Johnny C. Taylor Jr president and CEO of Thurgood Marshall College Fund send a message out to parents and communities although some schools tuition stay the same it’s the request of the students and parents for wanting VIP services in condo like living that is causing tuition to look like it’s above reachable.  He went on to explain how student demand and parents insisting on condo like living, cars, attached to tuition makes it difficult for any student reaching for funds to see the need and the importance of education being first and not comforts.  it is clear as you go on some college campuses the parking lot looks like an executive Corporation parking lot.  Have we reach beyond the fear of not having and are now giving too much without the availability of teaching a learning lesson by letting them learn before they receive the lesson could be earn it as you learn it.

Mayor Kasim Reed  As Atlanta his City is in the shadow of many private and public colleges and institutions he works closely to make sure that the accommodations needed and the funds needed for education on every level is connected and are available from his office.  He went to say his desire to make sure that K through 12 is sufficiently funded as well as equipped to educate the next generation for the job force of the end of the 21st century.  He announced that he is proud to part of a city that educates some of the greatest minds coming from some of the most historical black colleges in America today, he said that is not enough if we don’t educate the next generation so his goal is to make sure that his k to 12 is equipped with all that his administration can offer.  Edrika Hall of  Prince George’s County Public School instructional specialist made it clear that that must be a relationship between K through 12 and colleges to equip students and educators with the information and funding for a successful program to work.

President Johnny C. Tayor of Thurgood Marshall with Wendell D. Hall of College Board

President Johnny C. Tayor of Thurgood Marshall with Wendell D. Hall of College Board


Marc Morial Speaks with VP Lynn Laws

National Urban  League  Leading the way

National Urban League
Leading the way

CDO VP Dennis G. Serrette President Of Howard Wayne Frederick VP UL Donald

CDO VP Dennis G. Serrette
President Of Howard Wayne Frederick
VP UL Donald Cravins