50 years later same struggle different fight

Martin L. King III in the Shadow of Father

Martin L. King III in the Shadow of Father

President of SCLC  Dr. Steel

President of SCLC
Dr. Steel

50 years later the same struggle different fight as Martin Luther King the third, Dr. Steel of SCLC, George Curry of NNAP, Dick Gregory, Congresswomen Ms. Donna Edward of MD,  Mr Brooks national president of the NAACP, and many others gather in the shadow of the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington DC to commemorate the signing of the Voters Rights Act 50 years ago with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As Martin Luther King the third spoke He reflected on the struggle that continues and the new faces of injustice that attack the voting system in any form or shape with any excuse that they could find. Speaking clearly and continuously on the scene that the struggle continues and we must not give up in the face of complacency and being comfortable the struggle continues.

Dr. Steel of SCLC continue to charge our communities, all leaders, our pastors, our unions, churches and communities to get involved with the struggle.   As he spoke of the fact of the low voter turnout and the need to activate, participate and register in every church, in every community, on every block throughout the country as we commemorate this moment let us celebrate after we participate in activating inactive voters.

Although we commemorate this day as proud Americans we still have some ungrateful, unfriendly,  un-American Americans, trying to hinder the rights of some and risking the liberties of all.

2016 Presidential candidate, Willie Wilson made it very clear “that the exclusion of any of us exclude a piece of all of us”.  Making it clear that he was in the race staying as the only afro american on the democratic ticket as of now.

Also saying he would keep his other presidential candidates speaking and addressing the issues that affect the everyday american citizen.

Understanding, and knowing, being affected by everyday issues that he feels that are clearly being ignored by those running for president.