August, 2015


If your Looking for a Great Church in Detroit you GOT TO TRY New Providence Baptist Church

  Welcome to New Providence Baptist Church and you will fill the Welcome as you walk in the Door at 18211 Plymouth Road in Detroit off the Southfield Freeway, Yes it’s always a Big welcome at NPB as you are Greeted by the welcome team and then the whole church sings a wonderful melody your are welcome to visitors giving you a warm passionate harmonious goosebumps welcome. As pastor Jennings Preached of the power of God would never forget you laying a strong foundation that in spite of the painRead More

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When will the Wealthy grown Men Stop before they touch or kiss.

Ray McDonald indicted on rape of a intoxicated person But how ? Former San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Ray McDonald was indicted by a grand jury this week on one count of rape of an intoxicated person, the Santa Clara County (California) District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday. In addition, the county charged current 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks with misdemeanor sexual battery. The charges stem from an incident that occurred Dec. 15, 2014, at McDonald’s home. The separate assaults occurred the same evening against the same victim, according to the districtRead More

Minister Louis Farrakhan Welcome by Detroit and the Church

President Obama Leads The Way To Clean Air, Energy, and Gas.

As President Make’s continue improvements to America system the change we voted for, we ask for, we are getting.  Thank GOD for the Change for the People of America.  On the road in Las Vegas President Obama speaking said  “Six and a half years ago, I took office after decades in which our addiction to fossil fuels and foreign oil perennially threatened our planet and our national security. And together, we’ve begun to change that — a lot of people in this room working with us. Yes, we’ve become theRead More

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The Chicago Air Show is here get ready to Show all it has.  As the summer comes to a end Chicago go’s out with a big Bang.  As they take to the air it with the love of making the on looker happy it’s a win win for them and us.  As I spent time with the Aeroshell team they all love what they do and how it has been a job of Love to fly.  Now that the day is here they are ready to fly and share theRead More

Yes It’s Time For The Chicago Marathon Coming Soon Story On The Way

50 years later same struggle different fight

50 years later the same struggle different fight as Martin Luther King the third, Dr. Steel of SCLC, George Curry of NNAP, Dick Gregory, Congresswomen Ms. Donna Edward of MD,  Mr Brooks national president of the NAACP, and many others gather in the shadow of the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington DC to commemorate the signing of the Voters Rights Act 50 years ago with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As Martin Luther King the third spoke He reflected on the struggle that continues and the new faces ofRead More

BP well represented with President and senior VP chief of staff

President of BP Gas Mr. John C. Ming’e with Chief of staff Donna B. Ward and a team of BP Executive’s staff attend the National Urban League conference in Fort Lauderdale Florida as we witness Hillary Clinton, Dr Carson, Jed bush as they all make appeals to the National Urban League regarding their ambitions to become the next president of the United States of America.  With a week full of executives from all over the nation Most of them represent it by staff  which being VP of the minority servingRead More