Mildred Gaddis and 1200 am lead’s all to New Jefferson eatery the Bridge



As we think about Detroit rebirth restart energize energy for new businesses Mildred Gaddis and 1200 talk radio a radio one broadcast station has once again lead us to a new and wonderful Jefferson eatery the bridge.  Broadcasting live as listeners come in the new Brihge to enjoy a menu with fresh well prepared plates and lovely beautiful artwork atmosphere, let us be mindful we have an opportunity to support the Detroit homegrown business owner.  As as we watch the growing population you must prepare for the growing wealth as we watch the growing population you must prepare yourself for the growing wealth available for you to learn appreciate and enjoy.  Know this it would not come to you, you must go get it, it would not prepare itself, you must prepare it, it would not grow itself, you must Planet nurture it and help it Grow.

Detroit wake up get up its your opportunity now God has paved the way but faith without works we all know that are Christians is dead so don’t die with it.


Mildred Gaddis

Mildred Gaddis and State Rep Sherry Gay


Mildred Gaddis

Mildred Gaddis