Black Woman Make’s History with a Cigar lounge add a very nice spot to Laurel’s Main Street

Owner of Aroma Cigar Lounge  Sha'ron

Owner of Aroma Cigar Lounge

It’s Here the Cigar Lounge with a women touch designed and given the atmosphere of peace , harmony and yes a masculine feeling for men

Sha’ron   as She navigate through the tracks of life’s journey sharon has discovered that she rather not change the past that she has had to come though.  The experiences the struggles the challenges the let downs and disappointments has allow the faith and determination to kick in full force and create the strenght the powerment of the woman on the inside that God needed to use.  Yes it was and is GOD that has made it happened.
Sha’Ron Lynn’s dream of having a classy venue for business and community leaders to mingle with VIPs and the area’s elite has become a reality with the opening of the Aroma Cigar Lounge on Laurel’s Main Street.

And after two years of obtaining permits and hosting promotional events, Lynn sat down in front of a window overlooking Main Street recently and exhaled. She even seemed surprised at her evolution from model and day-care provider to owner of a venue that is already attracting some of the area’s power brokers.

“When you do the right thing, you get your blessings,” said Lynn, whose establishment is open daily from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. for those who love stoking on fat cigars. Offerings at the lounge include her homemade brand, “The Fuerza,” which she said “stands for strength.”

The Laurel City Council voted in November to revise the city’s zoning ordinances to allow Lynn’s business to exist in what was an old two-story duplex that she has fitted with plush leather couches, long tables for meetings and several large open rooms. On a recent day, a crew was on hand to film a talk show.

“From my perspective we are trying to keep Laurel’s Main Street as viable as we can,” said H. Edward Ricks, president of the Laurel City Council. “We think our main street is very unique; people have the right to smoke cigars if they want to do that, and we were very careful to pass legislation for them to do that in a safe environment.”

Laurel Mayor Craig A. Moe also welcomed the lounge to Main Street. He said the strip is experiencing an economic transformation. “It is a very nice addition to the street as we continue to bring in new stores and businesses that we think will attract more people to the area.”

Lynn, a native of New Jersey, went to school for fashion design. She was a model for Amtrak for many years, then operated a day-care center. But she always dreamed of opening her own business.

Although Lynn has had her share of ups and downs along the way to launching Aroma, she feels blessed and wants to be a role model to other women.
“Every Thursday I plan to have empowerment night instead of ladies’ night because, as ladies, we need our power back,” she said.

Although tobacco and liquor sales are highly regulated in the county, Lynn obtained a Class D license to sell wine. On a recent afternoon, she hosted a wine and cheese tasting event so she could select the wines that would go best with her cigar brands.

Charles W. Caldwell, chairman of the county’s Board of License Commissioners, said Lynn’s application was approved because the board members “felt like it was the first of its type and kind in the county, and so far it has been working.”

Long before she had her permits, Lynn was meeting with community leaders to build support.

“I want to be able to give back to the community. This is not about the Aroma