July, 2015


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President Marc anticipating a power pack week in Miami not with bikinis but with brains

Great Men Sharing a Moment! This is Marc Presidential Week as National Urban League meets this week in Miami Florida for the week of empowerment and social justice for the business and social community. The National Urban League continues to fight for social justice, education and saving our city’s as well as job development and placement as he has continued to travel the country meeting on several occasions with President Obama to even the playing field for this generation, to mend some of the broken bridges that have been neglectedRead More

Black Woman Make’s History with a Cigar lounge add a very nice spot to Laurel’s Main Street

It’s Here the Cigar Lounge with a women touch designed and given the atmosphere of peace , harmony and yes a masculine feeling for men Sha’ron   as She navigate through the tracks of life’s journey sharon has discovered that she rather not change the past that she has had to come though.  The experiences the struggles the challenges the let downs and disappointments has allow the faith and determination to kick in full force and create the strenght the powerment of the woman on the inside that God needed to use.Read More

Detroit Group Put’s President’s Technology to work.

President Obama Announces Multi-Sector Effort and Call to Action to Give Americans Pathways to Well-Paying Technology Jobs; Makes Available $100 Million in Grants The President and his Administration are focused on promoting middle class economics to ensure that all Americans can contribute to and benefit from our American resurgence. Part of that effort requires empowering every American with the education and training they need to earn higher wages. Today’s announcement is the latest part of that effort: In his remarks to the National League of Cities, the President will announceRead More

Mildred Gaddis and 1200 am lead’s all to New Jefferson eatery the Bridge

  D-DETROIT IT’S TIMES GET UP NOW !   As we think about Detroit rebirth restart energize energy for new businesses Mildred Gaddis and 1200 talk radio a radio one broadcast station has once again lead us to a new and wonderful Jefferson eatery the bridge.  Broadcasting live as listeners come in the new Brihge to enjoy a menu with fresh well prepared plates and lovely beautiful artwork atmosphere, let us be mindful we have an opportunity to support the Detroit homegrown business owner.  As as we watch the growingRead More

President Visit at El Reno Federal Correctional Institution

Remarks by the President after Visit at El Reno Federal Correctional Institution El Reno, Oklahoma **Please see below for a correction marked with an asterisk THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. So I’m just going to make a very quick statement. I want to thank the folks who were involved here in helping to arrange this visit at El Reno Federal Penitentiary. And this is part of our effort to highlight both the challenges and opportunities that we face with respect to the criminal justice system. Many of you heard me speakRead More


  AMERICA’S  JUSTICE  ISN’T REAL OR FARE JUSTICE President Obama Heads to Prison in Pursuit of fare Justice During an historic visit to a federal prison in Oklahoma today, President Barack Obama said that young people are prone to making mistakes and that the criminal justice system needs to determine how to better deal with and reform them.   Obama at El Reno federal prison in Oklahoma, where he met with six inmates and prison officials as part of a VICE special to be aired this fall on HBO.  Read More

A Moment In History we need not to Forget 16th ST Baptist Church Bombing that kill 4 Little Girls

  Honored Elated joyful emotions just bursting with excitement of the history that will be stamped in time 50 years later 4  little girls erected in a bronze statue in the shadow of the 16th Street Baptist Church where they stood and played and learned in Sunday school while hatred was on the outside and bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church. We take life so lightly 50 years ago enjoying the atmosphere Sunday morning playful joyful ready for learning being exposed to the love and the forgiveness of Christ, yetRead More


With Liberty and Justice for All  With Liberty and Justice for all? ALC ’15 is focused on solutions to realize America’s promise…     We know that there are disparities impeding the African-American community from enjoying the liberties and justice promised to all. We have witnessed numerous unjust acts of violence by police towards African-American youth. We have read the headlines that call attention to Blacks lagging in education and employment.   It is time for solutions.   Register now to join us in Washington, D.C. for ALC ’15. WeRead More

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation 45th Annual Legislative Conference 2015 Set For Sept 16-20 With New Chair

Washington, DC  The New Chair Congressman G.K. Butterfield (1st District-NC) will welcome all to DC. The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation 45th Annual Legislative Conference will be held on September 16-20, 2015 at the Washington Convention Center. In Congress, Butterfield is a champion of affordable medical care, education, investments in rural communities, veterans, renewable energies, and federal programs that support low-income and middle-class Americans. Butterfield serves in the Democratic leadership as Chief Deputy Whip and as Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. He sits on the influential Committee of Energy &Read More