June, 2015


Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton With Pastor Gary Hunter

Mrs. Hillary Clinton Speaking with some of her husband’s team

President Obama Preaches to a House Full and singing to top it off.

March to Help Rid Violence in Chicago

By: Melanie L. Brown Spike Lee, Jennifer Hudson, John Cusack, Larry Hoover’s youngest son, Ms. Daley from Illinois Council of Handgun Violence, Brandon Mahon from The Voice, We Wear Orange organization, Moms Demand Action organization, Michael Colyar, the poet Harold Green and many others attended Father’s Pfleger’s Peace March. The march was held on Friday, June 19th to help curb violence on the last day of school for Chicago Public Schools. Father Pfleger expressed the importance for them to march every Friday here on out. Many youth have already beenRead More

Miss. Strong Blessings in Connections

Erica Strong June Blessings in Connections Many have experienced some level of hurt or disappointment from another person and have often vowed to disconnect, disengage or just do life without people. How does that work??? Does this sound familiar “I have been hurt too much, I don’t care to be involved with people”? How can life full of purpose, full of vision and full of God operate without the collective energy of other people? Remember He did not stop creating with Adam. The idea of isolation, no matter if itRead More

Message from NBC Congress President Dr. George Waddles

Message from Congress President Waddles By Dr. George W. Waddles, Sr. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. We are looking forward to seeing you at the 10th Annual Session of the Congress of Christian Education to be held in Detroit, MI, June 22-26, 2015. We are excited about the 286 classes that have been planned to help equip the local churches. Please note that 100% of the classes will be held in the downtown Detroit area,Read More



First Lady of Strong Miss. Erica Strong

COMING SOON STANDING STRONG BY MISS. ERICA STRONG GET READY FOR GOD TO SPEAK TO YOUR INNER FEARS TO DEVELOP YOUR FAITH THROUGH STANDING STRONG. She has worked with amazing producers/directors such as Kim Fields, Tyler Perry, Tommy Ford and James Kicklighter. While performing all of these roles, motivating, encouraging and inspiring with a voice of reason remained her consistent expression throughout her career. She has traveled extensively, sharing her message of hope and redemption through her talent of styling and the reprogramming of the mind. This transformation in theRead More

NNPA in Detroit for there 75th Anniversary

News on the Way to you 75 more years

Church and City Work on trouble in Neighorhoods

Before She Became The Top Leader of the DNC

Presidential Hopeful for 2016 Hillary Clinton As a mother, a grandmother, and a human being, my heart is bursting for the people of Charleston. Once again, bodies are being carried out of a black church. Once again, racist rhetoric has metastasized into racist violence. This is a history we wanted so desperately to leave behind, but we can’t hide from hard truths about race and justice in America. We have to name them, own them, and ultimately change them. In America today, blacks are nearly three times as likely asRead More